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What is Uniresi?

Uniresi is an accommodation booking platform for students attending major universities. We are a one-click student accommodation platform providing free assistance to students. We serve over 100 cities, and partner with multiple field agents and property consultants who provide us updated listings.

After receiving your preferences, like distance from the university, budget, bedroom configurations, safety and other, our platform offers the accommodation that best suits your needs.

Once you make a selection, we’ll prepare the paperwork and guide you through the entire process. Generally the whole process takes 2-5 days, depending on the supply and demand conditions.

What are the utilities and amenities included?

All utilities and amenities that are included in the property are specified in the details of the documents containing the property listings. Some additional facilities may or may not be mentioned in the details but you can confirm all your questions with your contact person at the property.

Can we get a video of the property?

Mostly, we do have a video of the properties listed on our platform - you can ask your property contact for the same and they will help arrange a video recording or set up a time for a video walkthrough.

Is it possible to schedule a visit to the property?

Yes, there is a possibility to schedule an appointment for the visit but we cannot guarantee the success of getting an appointment since it is the decision made by the property manager.

Are the properties safe and convenient?

All properties are safe and are under CCTV surveillance. They are also in close proximity to the universities and have multiple transport links that connect them to the entire city.

Will I have basic amenities and appliances?

Yes, all properties provide basic amenities and appliances.

Can I view the property before I check-in?

Yes, our property agents could arrange a viewing session for you. All you need to do is place a viewing request on our website, and an in-person or a video walkthrough will be arranged.

What countries do you serve?

We are initially operating in Turkey, but are expanding soon to Europe and the rest of the globe.

I have placed a request, but did not get a reply, what do I do?

Please call us at our support number, or mail the support email. You can find these in our “contact” section.

Where can I see all the requests that I have placed?

You can view your requests in the "Profile" section.

Can I live with friends?

Of course! Once you've submitted an application and logged into the Uniresi application system, navigate to the 'About You' section under 'My Details' and specify in 'Other preferences' that you would like to live with friends. Please include their names on this part of your application too. Make sure your friends also add your name to their applications and we will try to process the bookings together.

Would I be able to find out details of my roommate?

We can help enquire the gender of the roommate. But due to privacy concerns, landlords reserve the right to refuse the request for confidential information such as nationality and university.

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When should I book my accommodation ?
You should book your student accommodation as soon as you get the university offer. Before 4-5 months of your course starts, As ideal accommodation could be sold out in case of delay.

Do I need to be a student to make a booking?
Yes! You can only book an accommodation if you are a student.

What do I need to bring with me when checking in?
Acceptance letter of University
Valid Passport/ID
Student Finance documents
Visa information
Insurance documents
Bank details along with bank statement

Can I select my room?
Once you submit a booking request, a booking expert will work with you and the property owner to secure a room that best fits your requirements.

Can I choose specific move-in and move-out dates?
Many properties have fixed move-in and move-out dates that correspond with the academic calendar. Please speak with one of our booking experts for more details.

Can I apply for a summer stay or move in early?
Some properties facilitate summer stays and move in early policies. Please speak with one of our booking experts for more details.

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Are the prices negotiable?
We make sure that you get the best value for your money. The prices that you see on our website are absolute.

Why can’t I see the prices on some listings?​
Prices are forever fluctuating and we try our level best to keep them up to date. And this might hamper the particulars for some time. Just get in touch with us to know the details​ ​

Why do some rooms show a price range?​
For many properties, prices for the same room layout will vary depending on the location of that room within the property. Our booking experts will help you select the specific room that best fits your needs.

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What does the rent include ?
Your rent gives you the right to inhabit the property. Many properties include all utilities in the rental prices as well (electricity, gas, water, internet, game room, gym, events, storage, cinema room, etc.).

Do I need to pay a deposit? When will I get my deposit back?
To secure your booking with the landlord/property, you will be asked to pay a deposit. Prior to finalizing the contract, you can get the details of the deposit refund from the landlord/property.

How do I pay the rent?
You can pay online, by debit/credit card or you can also opt for a bank transfer. Based on the payment terms set by the landlord/property, you can either pay the deposit or the full amount of your entire stay (including the deposit) at the property. Please carefully review the payment options provided during the booking process.

We are a group of people, can we pay individually?
Yes, you can pay individually and it is possible to pay for a group of people as well. Please reach out to our support team to provide the payment details and they will share payment links for all individuals.

What are the transaction charges involved in the process ?
Transaction charges will be applicable for all the payments that are made. Charges will vary depending on the mode of payment and are borne by Uniresi.

What is a guarantor? Do I need one?
A guarantor is a person (often a family member) that co-signs the rental agreement and is financially responsible for paying the rent if the tenant is unable to. Many properties require a guarantor if the tenant is unable to show satisfactory funds or income to support the required rental payments. Not all landlords/properties listed on Uniresi require a guarantor, however. A guarantor is also not required if the full payment amount is made through the Uniresi platform.

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How do I cancel a booking?
To cancel a booking, please get in touch with us via Email or Phone. Cancellation terms and conditions will apply.

Can I cancel the booking for my student accommodation before moving in?
Yes, you can cancel the student accommodation before moving in. However, it is always better to cancel the booking some time in advance, in order to receive a full refund of your payment. Also, cancellation policies vary from property to property. If in case you wish to cancel the contract after move-in, you can get a replacement tenant and free yourself from the contractual obligations. 

What happens if I cancel a booking?
Each property has a different cancellation policy. This policy will be stated in your rental agreement. Contact one of our booking experts for assistance.

How much time does it take to get the refund?
We will try to get you a refund as soon as possible. If you have paid using Debit Card, then it takes around 7 days for the refund to reflect in your account. For Credit cards, the refund appears on your next monthly statement.

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