Student Accommodation During COVID

With the Covid-19 pandemic, most sectors need to find a way to adapt to COVID-19. One sector in particular that was closely monitored was student housing. Off-campus student housing property owners and managers not only had to comply with each states’ guidelines, but also had to adapt accordingly to colleges and universities’ varying responses. Therefore, all student housing providers, dormitory owners, hostel managers moved rapidly to adjust operations and protocols. 

Colleges and universities across Turkey were beginning to shut down, either going fully online education or hybrid. Most universities such as Bahçeşehir University, Boğaziçi University, Aydın University who were tracking the virus progression from the very beginning, took matters very seriously. Most off-campus student housing operators working in collaboration with the universities put together a “COVID-19 Task Force” to take necessary precautions. Outstanding precautions were taken and new regulations were introduced to create covid safe environment for the students. 

General measures and actions that has been to be taken: 

• Hand sanitizers are be available at the entrance of the dormitories and in the dormitory sections. 

• Entry / exit of students and staff in the dormitory will be recorded. 

• The number of people staying in the dormitory are limited to one person for every 6 square meters. 

• In common areas of dormitories social distancing between students and employees are be at least 1.5 meter. 

• Fever and symptom checks of employees and students at the dormitory entrance are done. 

• Full-automatic doors are used at the entrance of the dormitory. 

• During the epidemic, guests and visitors are not be accepted to the dormitories. 

• Courier, delivery persons are not be allowed inside the dormitory, deliveries should be made at the outer door. 

• All students and staff in the dormitories wear masks. 

Collaboration agreements with hospitals are made in order to achieve early diagnosis of covid.