Accommodation for International Students in Turkey

When it comes to accommodation for international students in Turkey, international students are lucky. There are several options to meet housing or accommodation needs for international students throughout their educational life in Turkey. There are many alternatives for student housing or accommodation; students can stay in university dormitories located in campuses, in state dormitories managed by KYK (Higher Education Credit and Accommodation Institution), private dormitories or apartments rented in the city. 

State Dormitories and University Dormitories 

State of Turkey offers accommodation to both local and international students coming to Turkey to study. Also some of the universities have their dormitories and hostels for their students. Almost all of the university dormitories are separate for male and female students. Although the number of students staying in the rooms varies, the fee tariffs may increase or decrease depending on the number of people staying in the room. Of course, facilities in state and university dormitories are less than in private dormitories. In addition, state dormitories are both more crowded and they have more strict regulations. 

Items that may be the basic needs of a student are offered to students in the room and common areas. Many dormitories have wired / wireless internet service available to all students. Wi-fi is important for students both social and academic life.  There are sometimes problems with internet speeds due to crowds in state dormitories. Some dormitories have their own cafeteria, where breakfast and dinner are usually served. Common areas such as the TV room, study room and kitchen are also open to students. 

The monthly fees of the dormitories run by KYK are very cheap. The fees of the university dormitories vary in each university and according to the physical characteristics of the room. You can obtain the most reliable and up-to-date information on this subject by visiting the website of the university to which you will apply. Using reputable online student housing platforms is a good alternative. Please make sure that the website you use is reputable and has collaboration with the university. 

Private Dormitories 

It is possible to find private dormitories in or around most university campuses. The opportunities offered by private dormitories are often much more than state dormitories. It offers better services in terms of students' comfort and safety. Private dormitory rooms are larger and less-crowded. They also offer better cleaning services and food. Private dormitories and aparts are much better for socialization. You can always find someone who can serve you in the dormitory. When choosing a dormitory, you should make sure that it is reliable. Especially foreign students have experienced a lot of problems in dormitories that they rented from unreliable websites. Some of the dormitory platform sites have even lost money on some of them. You should definitely choose sites that are reliable and have strong investors behind them. Those sites allow you to find a better dormitory. Foreign students generally use these sites to find dormitories.